Ultimate Betting Legends en el mundo de las apuestas

There are standard sports betting, and then there is the type of betting that is so outrageous it becomes legend. These are bets that were totally unlikely, offering outrageous odds, but somehow manage to get ahead and pay big. They are the kind of victories that every serious bettor hopes to achieve, at least once in his life.

Here’s a look at some of the most incredible bets ever made, which somehow managed to pay off.

Tiger Woods Comeback Kid

When it comes to the world of Colombia sports betting , few names are as well known as Tiger Woods. But of course, it’s not the safe bet it once was. Having once been the king of the golf world, this legendary golfer gradually began to fade into nothing more than a long shot.

But this did not stop Mister James Adducci, who managed to extract what is now a legendary story. Adducci deposited $ 85,000 in Tiger Woods to win the 2019 Masters of William Hill. With extremely unfavorable odds of 14/1, Woods put on an impressive showing and ultimately won. Adducci, in turn, received a payment of 1.2 million dollars, breaking records at the William Hill sportsbooks.

The most incredible part is that Adducci claimed it was the first bet he had ever made.

The Divisive Vegas Dave

Vegas Dave, the self-proclaimed gambling expert, is known primarily for being a somewhat obnoxious person. But whatever his thoughts are on his personality, he has really managed to pull off some incredible victories.

In one of the most incredible bets ever, Dave poured a massive amount of money on the Kansas City Royals to win, against odds of 30/1. He spread his bets across 15 bookmakers, as no organization was willing to accept the full amount. Yes, the Royals finally won the World Series and Dave took home roughly $ 2.5 million.

As disgusting as it is, Vegas Dave clearly knows what he’s doing.

Tayla the queen of odds

Many know the story of Tayla Polia, as the story has been re-told several times. Yes, the story is true, incredible as it may seem.

Tayla took sports betting as a hobby, preferring to bet on extremely long odds, just for the sake of entertainment. She made a famous parlay bet that was beyond ridiculous, 15 legs in total and including 5 losers and 9 favorites. Of course, the $ 5 bet hit all counts, beating the odds that sat at an obscene 20,000 / 1.

This resulted in a payout of $ 105,000 with a $ 5 stake. Imagine if you had wagered $ 100.

Vegas Dave Returns

Vegas Dave is back, with another smash hit. He put $ 20,000 on Holly Holm at UFC 193, who was given an 11/1 chance. The $ 200,000 win shows that regardless of how big Dave’s mouth is, he can really back up the annoying attitude with some pretty impressive payouts.